East Durham (falls in) Thorp Creek (Cornwallville Creek)

Waterfall Name
possible aka Shady Glen Falls
Durham Twn
Furlong bridge

First Visit
Park, Area

Gps of Falls
Gps of Parking
Gps of Trailhead
Trail Name/Reference to
N42.37323 W74.09471
N42.37355 W74.09497

Stream, River
Height, Type
Type of Waterfall
Thorp Creek/Cornwallville Creek
25 ft
512 ft

Level of Difficulty, Hiking Distance
Whitewater Rte, Canoe Rte Map
Brochures, Travel Guides, Visitor Guides
Roadside views

My Resource
Book Resource
Trails Websites
Eastern New York all outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008 pg 142 D3
Eastern New York all outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008 pg 142 D3
Catskill Region Waterfall Guide "Cool Cascades of the Catskills & Shawangunks" By Russell Dunn

Nearest Intersection
Additional Information
Photos, Information Contributed to other Websites
Rte 145 and Stone Bridge Ext. Rd
From I-87 S near Jefferson Heights, Take exit 21 to the right towards Rt-23/Catskill/Cairo and drive for .8 miles. Take ramp towards Rt-23/Catskill/Hudson/Tannersville/Hunter/Windham for 120 ft. Turn left onto Cr-23b and drive for .3 miles. Take the Rt-23 W ramp to the right towards Cairo/Greenville and drive for 8.1 miles. Keep right onto Highway 145 W and drive for 6.3 miles. Turn right onto Stone Bridge Road Ext and drive for 361 ft.

2 thoughts on “East Durham (falls in) Thorp Creek (Cornwallville Creek)

  1. Ruth Patricia Allen

    Beautiful pictures! My Dad’s family noved to East Durham in the late 1920s. Is this the same falls where NEEDLE’S EYE is located?

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      So, first I am sorry for not quickly getting back to you. I had been researching since reading your note, but honestly cannot find anything regarding “Needle’s Eye”. So if you do not mind I would like to present this question, and see what feedback we get. Is this ok with you??


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