Basford Falls – Tooley Pond Road Waterfalls

Basford Falls – Tooley Pond Road Waterfalls

Tooley Pond Road Waterfalls
Clare Twn
First Visit:
St Lawrence
Grasse River Wild Forest
Gps of Falls:
N44.34054 W75.05807
Gps of Parking:
N44.34332 W75.05445
Gps of Trailhead:
Trail Name/Reference to:
Basford Falls Trail
South Branch, Grasse River
Height of Falls/Type:
15-20 ft, Segmented, Class IV 5.1
875 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:
.7 Mile Round Trip
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map:
Trails Websites:
My Resource:
Eastern New York All Outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008
Book Resource:
Adirondack Waterfall Guide “New York’s Cool Cascades” By Russell Dunn 2004
Brochures/Travel Guides/Visitor Guides:
Adirondack Great Walks & Day Hikes A Guide to paths less taken in the Northeast’s last great wilderness.
Additional Information:
Discover the Northwestern Adirondacks, Four-Season Guide to the Oswegatchie Wilderness, 3rd Edition 2007, Barbara McMartin & Bill Ingersoll pg 254 trail 156
Photos And Information I Contributed To or Posted To Other Websites:
Nearest Intersection:
Tooley Pond Rd and Rte 27 and Clare Rd
From US 11 and Highway 812 in De Kalb, Get on US 11 and drive northeast for 4.3 miles. Turn right onto Herman Street and drive for 3.7 miles. Turn left onto W Main Street for 486 ft. Turn right onto Church Street and drive for .3 miles. Turn left onto Cr-17 and drive for 5.0 miles. Turn right onto Edwards-Russell Road and drive for 1.6 miles. Turn left onto Degrasse-Russell Road and drive for 6.2 miles. Turn right onto Tooley Pond Road and drive for 1.3 miles. Basford Falls IV 5.1 Parking Continue on Tooley Pond Road for another .7 miles. Turn right onto Lake George Road and drive for 497 ft. Sinclair Falls Parking Turn around and get back onto Tooley Pond Road, continuing south for another 1.2 miles. This is the stop for Twin Falls. Continue on Tooley Pond Road for another 2.9 miles. Large Marge (Rainbow Falls) Parking Continue on Tooley Pond Road for another 2.2 miles. Copper Rock Falls Parking

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