Whetstone Creek Falls

Whetstone Creek Falls

Martinsburg Twn
First Visit:
Whetstone Gulf State Park
Gps of Falls:
N43.69108 W75.50060
Gps of Parking:
N43.68948 W75.50364
Gps of Trailhead:
Trail Name/Reference to:
Whetstone Creek
Height of Falls/Type:
50 ft, Various
1875 ft to 1800 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:
.9 Mile round trip from the top
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map:
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My Resource:
Eastern New York All Outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Sportsman Connections publication 2008 pg 106 E2
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Nearest Intersection:
Houseville Gulf Rd and West Rd and Alger Rd
From the intersection of Hwy 26 and Cemetery St in Martinsburg, take Cemetery Rd west for .2 miles. Turn left onto Alger Rd (at this intersection look for Martinsburg Falls on your left as you drive over the small bridge.) continue on Alger Rd for 3.7 miles to the small parking area on your right. Note: at about 1 mile on Alger Rd, Alger Rd turns into a dirt road. Alternative route is to enter from the south end of Whetstone Gulf State Park. From the intersection of Hwy 26 and Cemetery St in Martinsburg, take Hwy 26 south for about 2.4 miles. Turn right onto West Rd and drive about .2 miles and the park entrance will be on your right.There are a few different ways to describe how to get here. Best thing for you to do is have a Lewis County atv trail map on hand.
Accessing these falls from the northern part of Whetstone Gulf State Park. From the parking area, which is across the road from the trailhead, take the south trail. At about .2 miles, you will come to and “y” intersection on the trail. If you take the left here there is a well beaten path to where you can be standing at the top of the first falls. I do not recommend this to anyone. It is dangerous, extreme caution needs to be taken. We were unable to figure out a safe way to get a good view of this section. To view the main falls continue another .2 miles from the first set of falls. We were in this area about one hour from parking and back. Another thing to keep in mind is that the roads at this northern end are all dirt roads.

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