Taylorville Falls

Taylorville Falls

Double Eddies
Croghan Twn
First Visit:
Gps of Falls:
N43.92703 W75.31016
Gps of Parking:
N43.92798 W75.31224
Gps of Trailhead:
Trail Name/Reference to:
Taylorville Pond
Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type:
Dam and Falls
1063 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:
Easy .2 mile round trip
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map:
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Eastern New York All Outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008 pg 106 B3
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Nearest Intersection:
Taylorville Rd and Double Eddy Rd
From the intersection of Hwy 126 and Hwy 812 in Croghan, take Hwy 812 north for .7 miles. (At .4 miles is Croghan Island Falls) Turn Right onto Belfort Rd and drive for 3.6 miles. (Take note at .6 miles you will see High Falls Rd on your left and this leads to High Falls Dam.) (Take note that at about 3.2 miles Belfort road veers left. Also here is Belfort Falls and Dam). Turn right onto Long Pond Rd and drive another .1 mile to Taylorville Rd which bears right. Continue on Taylorville Rd for .5 miles. (Note: just before you reach the end you will see a dirt road off to your left. This is Double Eddy Rd and if you continue another .5 miles to the end, it will lead you to the other falls in this area.
From the parking area at the end of Double Eddy road, head down the trail towards the river. You cannot miss this trail it is fairly wide and you can see quite a distance ahead. The trails are not clearly marked but easy to follow. The total loop we did was just about a mile. The waterfalls in order you will see starting from the parking area at the end of Double Eddy Road are: Taylorville Dam, which is also the Put-in. The next Dam and Falls is called Taylorville Falls. The third is the Beaverators Rapids section. At .2 miles you will be at the top of the fourth one which is the Great White Slide also known as Taylorville Lower Falls. The fifth is the Dogleg Rapids and the sixth is the Mindscrambler. And the last is further down Powerline Boof Rapids

I have recorded the tracks for the upper waterfalls and trail only and can be viewed and downloaded, click on the following link.
Wikiloc Taylorville Whitewater Section

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