Eagle Falls Powerhouse and Scenic Overlook Falls

Eagle Falls Powerhouse and Scenic Overlook Falls

Watson Twn
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Gps of Falls:
N43.90970 W75.20026
Gps of Parking:
N43.90939 W75.20275
Gps of Trailhead:
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Car Top Launch at The Eagle Falls Power House
Soft Maple Reservoir
Height of Falls/Type:
1300 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:
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Nearest Intersection:
Soft Maple Rd and Buck Point Rd
From the intersection of Hwy 126 and Hwy 812 and Covent Rd in Croghan, take Covent Rd East for .3 miles. At this point Covent Rd name changes to Kircherville Rd. Continue East on Kircherville Rd for 2.6 miles. At this point you will be at the intersection with Erie Canal Rd. Continue straight. The road name now changed to Soft Maple Rd, which is also Beaver River Rd. Continue on Soft Maple Rd for another 9 miles. Turn Left onto Canoe Launch Rd for .7 miles. Which takes you to its end at the Eagle Falls Dam and Canoe Launch.
From the beginning of Canoe Launch Road, you will pass by Eagle Falls Powerhouse and Scenic Overlook Falls. At about .3 miles you will come to the Eagle Falls take out and Parking area, at which is the trail for the falls along their up to the dam. In order Eagle Section Beaver River falls on 3, Eagle Section Beaver River falls on 2, Eagle Falls, Eagle Section Beaver River falls on 1. I believe from this trail you are only looking at the bottom portion of Eagle Falls. I plan to go back next season.

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