Bakers Falls, Lansing Kill

Bakers Falls (Lansing Kill)

Boonville Town
First Visit:
Gps of Falls:
N43.43344 W75.32740
Gps of Parking:
N43.43334 W75.32817
Gps of Trailhead:
Trail Name/Reference to:
Parking area for the Erie Canal Trail
Lansing Kill River
Height of Falls/Type:
1000 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:
Short Scramble
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World Waterfall Database
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Nearest Intersection:
Route 46 And Holmes Road
From I-90 W, in Westmoreland, Take exit 32 to the right towards Rt-233/Westmoreland/Rome and drive for .7 miles. Turn right onto Cider Street and drive for .1 miles. Turn right onto Highway 233 and drive for 5.7 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W/Rt-365 W ramp to the left and drive for .4 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W ramp to the right towards Rt-26 N/Rt-46/Downtown Rome and drive for 1.3 miles. Keep right onto Road and drive for 3.3 miles. Keep right onto Rome Westernville Road and drive for 17.5 miles.         
There is a small parking spot almost directly in front of an access point for the canal trail system. You will see the bridge and falls from the road. From the road you will go left and cross the bridge. The well worn path down is directly to your right. The trail gets steep and was very muddy and slippery. The trail is not maintained. There was no posted signs that we could see. The trail is short and you will look for another trail on your right that goes down to the bottom between the two waterfalls. If I have this correctly the waterfall you see from the bridge looking down is Lansing Kill Falls. The waterfall you see in the distance is Bakers Falls. Lansing Kill Falls is fed by the Lansing Kill River. Bakers Falls is fed by the Lansing Kill Creek. They both meet at the bottom and continue the flow into Lansing Kill River.

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