Niagara Falls State Park

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American Falls (Niagara Falls)
American Rapids (Niagara Falls)
Bridal Veil Falls (Niagara Falls)
Horseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls)
Horseshoe Rapids (Niagara Falls)
Whirlpool State Park-Whirlpool Rapids
Three Sisters Island Falls (Niagara Falls)
Three Sisters Island Falls-Second Sister Falls
Three Sisters Island Falls-Third Sister Falls
Three Sisters Island Falls-Green Cascade
Devils Hole State Park-Devil’s Hole Falls
Devils Hole State Park-Devils Hole Rapids

Dates VisitedCountyAKAStream RiverWatershed
7/6/2016NiagaraNiagara RiverLake Ontario

Gps Of FallsGps Of ParkingLandmarkHeight of FallsElevationType of Waterfall
N43.08025 W79.07079VariousVariousVarious

LocationCloset IntersectionCounty Park State Park State Lands State Forest
Niagara FallsRobert Moses Pkwy and 1st StNiagara Falls State Park

Level Of Difficulty Hiking Distance

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From I-90 W in Buffalo, Take exit 50 to the right onto I-290 towards Niagara Falls and drive for 3.8 miles. Continue on I-290 W towards Thru Traffic and drive for 6.1 miles. Take the I-190 N ramp to the right towards Niagara Falls and drive for 7.8 miles. Take exit 21 to the right onto Rt-384/R. Moses Pkwy/Buffalo Ave for 494 ft. Take the R. Moses Pkwy ramp to the right towards State Park/American Falls for 235 ft. Continue on Robert Moses State Pkwy N ramp and drive for 3.2 miles. Continue on Robert Moses State Pky towards City Traffic and drive for 1.2 miles. Turn right onto 1st Street and drive for 2.3 miles. Turn left onto Road and drive for .1 miles.

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Some photos from Luna Island

Home » WATERFALLS OF THE WESTERN PORTION OF NEW YORK STATE » Niagara County » Niagara Falls State Park » Luna Island views from, Niagara Falls 7-6-2016
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00001.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00002.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00003.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00004.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00005.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00006.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00007.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00008.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00009.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00010.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00011.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00012.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00013.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00014.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00015.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00016.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00017.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00018.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00019.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00020.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00021.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00022.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00023.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00024.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00025.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00026.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00027.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00028.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00029.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00030.JPG
Luna Island views from 7-6-2016_00031.JPG

Some photos from Terrapin Point

Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00001.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00002.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00003.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00004.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00005.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00006.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00007.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00008.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00009.JPG
Niagara Falls, Terrapin Point 8-15-2016_00010.JPG

Home » WATERFALLS OF THE WESTERN PORTION OF NEW YORK STATE » Niagara County » Niagara Falls State Park » Terrapin Point views from, Niagara Falls 7-6-2016
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00001.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00002.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00003.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00004.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00005.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00006.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00007.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00008.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00009.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00010.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00011.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00012.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00013.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00014.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00015.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00016.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00017.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00018.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00019.JPG
Terrapin Point views from 7-6-2016_00020.JPG

Random Niagara Falls photos

Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00001.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00002.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00003.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00004.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00005.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00006.JPG
Niagara Falls Rtrip 7-6-2016_00007.JPG


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