Allegany County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
AlleganyHume FallsHume TownCold Creek
AlleganyMills Mills FallsHume TownWiscoy Creek
AlleganySunvalley Campsite FallsBurns TownCanaserga Creek
AlleganyWiscoy FallsHume TownWiscoy Creek
AlleganyWiscoy Upper FallsHume TownWiscoy Creek

Erie County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
ErieButtermilk Falls (North Evans)Evans TownEighteenmile Creek
ErieGlen FallsWilliamsvilleEllicot Creek
ErieAkron FallsAkronMurder Creek
ErieEmery Park FallsAurora TownUnnamed Stream
ErieEmery Park North FallsAurora TownUnnamed Stream
ErieEmery Park South FallsAurora TownUnnamed Stream
ErieEternal Flame FallsOrchard Park TownShale Creek
ErieHarrigans FallsAurora TownUnnamed Stream
ErieTannery FallsAurora TownUnnamed Stream
ErieWest FallsAurora TownWest Branch Of Cazenovia Creek

Genesee County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
GeneseeButtermilk Falls (Leroy)Leroy TownOatka Creek
GeneseeIndian Falls (Pembroke)Pembroke TownTonawanda Creek
GeneseeMorganville FallsStaffordBlack Creek

Livingston County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
LivingstonSugar Creek Glen Gully FallsDansville TownSugar Creek
LivingstonAshantee FallsAvon TownConesus Creek
LivingstonBlack Creek FallsOssian TownBlack Creek
LivingstonCanaseraga Lower FallsOssian TownCanaseraga Creek
LivingstonCanaseraga FallsOssian TownCanaseraga Creek
LivingstonHoneoye Creek LedgesLima TownHoneoye Creek
LivingstonLittleville FallsAvon TownConesus Creek
LivingstonPapermill FallsAvon TownConesus Creek
LivingstonStone FallsNorth Dansville TownMill Creek

Monroe County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
MonroeNortons FallsRochesterNortons Creek
MonroeRochester High FallsRochesterGenesee River
MonroeRochester Lower FallsRochesterGenesee River
MonroeRochester Middle FallsRochesterGenesee River
MonroeHoneoye Lower FallsHoneoye FallsHoneoye Creek
MonroeHoneoye Upper FallsHoneoye FallsHoneoye Creek
MonroeBullocks Wood FallsCharolette RochesterUnnamed
MonroeDensmore Creek FallsIrondequoit TownDenshore Creek
MonroeRed FallsRochesterUnnamed
MonroeTurning Point Park FallsRochesterGenesee River

Niagara County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
NiagaraAmerican Falls (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraAmerican Rapids (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraBridal Veil Falls (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraHorseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraLockport Canal FallsLockportErie Canal
NiagaraMill Pond FallsRoyalton TownEast Branch Eighteen Mile Creek
NiagaraMill Road FallsRoyalton TownUnnamed Stream
NiagaraHorseshoe Rapids (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraWhirlpool State Park-Whirlpool RapidsNiagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraThree Sisters Island Falls (Niagara Falls)Niagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraThree Sisters Island Falls-Second Sister FallsNiagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraThree Sisters Island Falls-Third Sister FallsNiagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraThree Sisters Island Falls-Green CascadeNiagara FallsNiagara River
NiagaraDevils Hole State Park-Devil's Hole FallsTown of LewistonBloody Run
NiagaraDevils Hole State Park-Devils Hole RapidsTown of LewistonNiagara River
NiagaraNiagara Falls State ParkNiagara FallsNiagara River

Ontario County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
OntarioDouble Drop Falls (Flint Creek)Phelps TownFlint Creek
OntarioMill Drop Falls (Canandaigua Outlet)Hopewell TownCanandaigua Outlet
OntarioOld Mill Falls (Phelps)Phelps TownFlint Creek

Orleans County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
OrleansClarendon FallsClarendon TownTributary to Sandy Creek
OrleansGlen Falls (Holley)HolleyErie Canal
OrleansEast Branch Sandy Creek falls on (Holley Trap Shoot)Clarendon TownEast Branch Sandy Creek
OrleansJeddo Creek FallsShelby TownJeddo Creek
OrleansMedina FallsMedina VillageOak Orchard Creek
OrleansOak Orchard FallsCarlton TownOak Orchard River

Steuben County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
SteubenDamoths Gully FallsUrbana Town
SteubenDamoths Gully Upper FallsUrbana Town
SteubenHourglass Falls in Stony Brook GlenDansville TownStony Brook
SteubenStony Brook Glen Lower FallsDansville TownStony Brook
SteubenStony Brook Glen Middle FallsDansville TownStony Brook
SteubenStony Brook Glen Upper FallsDansville TownStony Brook

Wayne County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
WayneWolcott FallsWolcottWolcott Creek

Wyoming County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
Wyoming LivingstonGenesee Lower FallsPortage TownGenesee River
Wyoming LivingstonGenesee Middle FallsPortage TownGenesee River
Wyoming LivingstonGenesee Upper FallsGenesee Falls TownGenesee River
Wyoming LivingstonShadow Cascade FallsGenesee Falls TownDeh-ge-wa-nus
Wyoming LivingstonMount Morris Dam Overlook HogsbackLeicester TownGenesee River
Wyoming LivingstonWee Water Willy FallsPortage Town
Wyoming LivingstonWolf Creek FallsCastile TownWolf Creek
Wyoming LivingstonWaterline FallsLeicester TownSilver Lake Outlet

Yates County

CountyWaterfall NameLocationStream River
YatesCascade Mill FallsTorrey TownKeuka Lake Outlet
YatesSeneca Mill FallsMilo TownKeuka Lake Outlet


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