Rockwell Falls (Lake Luzerne)

Waterfall NameAKALocationLandmark
Rockwell Falls (Lake Luzerne)Jessups Little Falls, Luzerne Falls, Boutakeese FallsLake Luzerne TwnRockwell Falls Church Bridge Of Hope

First VisitRegionCountyPark, Area
7/13/2010NorthernWarren/SaratogaRockwell Falls Church Bridge Of Hope

Gps of FallsGps of ParkingGps of TrailheadTrail Name/Reference to
N43.318054 W73.842969N43.316982 W73.841644N43.316982 W73.841644.....

Stream, RiverHeight, TypeElevationLevel of Difficulty, Hiking Distance
Hudson River10 ft Horseshoe Cascades560 ftRoadside view

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..........Eastern New York All Outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008.....

My ResourceBook ResourceBrochures, Travel Guides, Visitor GuidesAdditional Information
Eastern New York All Outdoors Atlas and Field Guide Publication 2008Adirondack Waterfall Guide "New York's Cool Cascades" By Russell Dunn 2004.....Hudson Valley Waterfall Guide "From Saratoga And The Capital Region To The Highlands And Palisades" By Russell Dunn

Nearest IntersectionPhotos, Information Contributed to other WebsitesDirectionsComments, Notes
School St and Bridge St and Main St and Bay Rd.....From I-87 South in Lake George (Exit 21). Take exit 21 to the right onto Rt-9n towards Lake Luzerne. Drive .3 miles. Turn right onto Hwy 9n and drive 10 miles. Turn right onto School St and drive .1 miles. Turn right onto Bay Rd for 56 feet. Turn left onto Bridge St and drive for .1 miles. You will have to find parking somewhere along main street and walk up to the bridge.....

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