Otsquago Creek, Falls on

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Minden Twn

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N42.93501 W74.69361
N42.93554 W74.69291

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Otsquago Creek
569 ft
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Hwy 80 and Pickle Hill Rd
From the intersection of Hwy 80 and Hwy 5 S, in Fort Plain, Get on Canal St and drive southeast. Turn right onto Main Street for 0.1 miles. Turn right onto Main Street continue for 2.6 miles. Your first stop will be Otsquago Creek falls on 2 Parking. Look off to your left and you will have the best view of the falls in the distance. Continue on Hwy 80 for another 1.0 miles. Your second stop will be Otsquago Creek falls on, on your left. We were told of an access point to this area and that a small section was now owned buy the DEC. Continue again futher on on Hwy 80 for 0.6 miles. Turn left onto Brookmans Corners Road and you will see the bridge almost immediate. This will be your third stop, Otsquago Creek falls on Brookmans Cors. Park just after the bridge and then walk back up to the bridge. On your right you can only see the top of the falls. this is on private property and the landowner was firm about not letting anyone view the falls. On your left appears to be a small flat/slide type falls.

Otsquago Creek falls on Montgomery Ny 5-30-2016_00001.JPG
Otsquago Creek falls on Montgomery Ny 5-30-2016_00002.JPG
Otsquago Creek falls on Montgomery Ny 5-30-2016_00003.JPG
Otsquago Creek falls on Montgomery Ny 5-30-2016_00004.JPG