Edwards Falls

American Whitewater

Dates VisitedCountyAKAStream RiverWatershed
4/11/2008 4/12/2015OnondagaLimestone CreekPossibly The Chittenango Creek

Gps Of FallsGps Of ParkingLandmarkHeight of FallsElevationType of Waterfall
N42.98999 W75.96189N42.99470 W75.96268Suburban Park Complex50 ft To 60 ft685 ftLedges

LocationCloset IntersectionCounty Park State Park State Lands State Forest
Manlius TownPompey Center Road And Broadfield Road

Level Of Difficulty Hiking Distance
Aprroximate 1 Mile Roundtrip

Comments Notes
On google maps we did find the nature trail located behind the suburban park complex. You drive into the first drive of the complex and go straight to the back and park somewhere near that area. You will see a dumpster on the left of the very back building. Walk out behind the building and the trail is very clear to see. When you get to the bottom of the trail continue to follow it to the left which would be upstream. We have to return because the water level was to high to either cross over or continue along the edge.

Whitewater Rafting Route Or Canoe Route Map UsedMaps (Paper) Used
Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 136 C1

Book and Internet Resource UsedBrochures, Travel Guides, Visitor Guides Used
200 Waterfalls In Central & Western New York "A Finders' Guide" By Rich And Sue Freeman 2002

From the intersection of E Seneca Street (173) and Washington Street (92) in Manlius, Get on Washington Street and drive east for .9 miles. Turn right onto Suburban Park Drive for 147 ft. Turn left onto Suburban Park Drive for 450 ft. Find a parking spot near the back corner.

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