Manley Taylor Road, falls on, Little River

This is on private property, watched and patrolled!!

Manley Taylor Rd, falls on

AKA: Little River Falls
Location: Florence Twn
First Visit: 4/24/2010
Region: Central
County: Oneida
Park/Area: —–
Gps of Falls: N43.42838 W75.75087
Gps of Parking: —–
Gps of Trailhead: —–
Trail Name/Reference to: —–
Landmark: Private Property
Stream/River/Watershed: Little River
Height of Falls/Type: —–
Elevation: 848 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Private
Wikiloc: —–
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map: —–
Maps: —–
Trails Websites: —–
My Resource: Personal friend
Book Resource: —–
Brochures/Travel Guides/Visitor Guides: —–
Additional Information: —–
Photos And Information I Contributed To or Posted To Other Websites: Northern New York Waterfalls, Digthefalls
Nearest Intersection: Manley Taylor Rd
Directions: —–
Comments/Notes: Please respect private property

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