Moshier Lower Falls #5

Moshier Lower Falls #5

AKA: —–
Location: Webb Twn
First Visit: 6/28/2016
Region: Central
County: Herkimer
Park/Area: —–
Gps of Falls: N43.87441 W75.13584
Gps of Parking: N43.87017 W75.13762
Gps of Trailhead: —–
Trail Name/Reference to: —–
Landmark: —–
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type: 12 ft
Elevation: 1470 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: .6 mile Roundtrip Easy to Moderate
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map:
Maps: —–
Trails Websites: —–
My Resource: Beaver River Canoe Rte
Book Resource: Discover the Northwestern Adirondacks, Four-Season Guide to the Oswegatchie Wilderness, 3rd Edition 2007, Barbara McMartin & Bill Ingersoll
Brochures/Travel Guides/Visitor Guides: I Love New York, Adirondacks Tug Hill Region Lewis County Visitor’s Guide
Additional Information: —–
Photos And Information I Contributed To or Posted To Other Websites: Digthefalls
Nearest Intersection: Stillwater Rd and Number Four Rd and Buck Point Rd
Directions: From County Rte 28 and Big Moose Rd, in Eagle Bay, Get on Big Moose Rd and drive north for 5.8 miles. Turn left onto Big Moose Rd and drive for 11.7 miles. Turn left onto Number Four Rd and drive for 5.7 miles. Turn right onto Moshier Rd and drive for .6 miles.
Comments/Notes: Trailhead Map N43.87033 W75.13765, Trail marker N43.87194 W75.13778, Foot bridge N43.87229 W75.13767, Post marker N43.87397 W75.13698, Moshier Falls #3 photos N43.87348 W75.13620 Moshier Falls #1 photos, Bottom drop before power plant, N43.87305 W75.13646 Moshier Falls #2 photos, Looking down at power plant, N43.87327 W75.13633, Moshier Falls #4 photos Falls, N43.87379 W75.13604, Moshier Falls photo start Falls, N43.87436 W75.13593

I have recorded the tracks for the Moshier Falls section and trail which can be viewed and downloaded, click on the following link.
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