Cooks Falls

Cooks Falls

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Location: Colchester
First Visit: 8/23/2014
Region: Central
County: Delaware
Park/Area: —–
Gps of Falls: N41.94586 W74.97745
Gps of Parking: N41.94606 W74.97869
Gps of Trailhead: —–
Trail Name/Reference to: —–
Landmark: —–
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver Kill
Height of Falls/Type: Rapids
Elevation: 1175 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside
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My Resource: World Waterfall Database
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Nearest Intersection: Cooks Brook Rd And Rte 17
Directions: From Hwy 17 W in Roscoe, Take exit 94 to the right towards Rt-206/Roscoe/Walton. Turn left onto Old Rt-17 and drive for .5 miles. Turn left onto Old Rt-17 and drive for 4.8 miles. Turn left onto Cooks Falls Rd and drive for .7 miles. Turn left onto Cooks Brook Rd for 269 ft. Turn left onto Cooks Brook Rd and drive .2 miles. Turn left onto Auslander Rd for .2 miles.
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7 thoughts on “Cooks Falls

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  2. Sean D.

    This is private property, please do not trespass here, cops have been and will be called on any persons who do not have explicit permissions from property owners.

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      thank you very much. I will be sure to get a note posted on for this information.

    2. Anonymous

      I live here and people can view from the bridge and also sit by the water. I do it all the time. To get to it is a different story.

      1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

        yes, thank you. as the photos show we also viewed from the bridge. I do remember I had anticipated seeing something more than the small rapids/ledges.

          1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

            I’m not quite sure how I missed this, and so sorry. I did not get to the actual falls itself because it is posted property. I received information regarding so.

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