Whitestore Falls


White Store Falls

AKA: —–
Location: Norwich Twn
First Visit: 8/8/2014
Region: Central
County: Chenango
Park/Area: —–
Gps of Falls: —–
Gps of Parking: —–
Gps of Trailhead: —–
Trail Name/Reference to: —–
Landmark: Evergreen Cemetery
Stream/River/Watershed: White Store Brook
Height of Falls/Type: —–
Elevation: 1200 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: —–
Wikiloc: —–
Whitewater Rte/Canoe Rte Map: —–
Maps: Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer New York State 9th Edition 2011
Trails Websites: —–
My Resource: Eastern New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008
Book Resource: —–
Brochures/Travel Guides/Visitor Guides: —–
Additional Information: —–
Photos And Information I Contributed To or Posted To Other Websites: —–
Nearest Intersection: Whitestore Rd and Ken-Stead Rd and Rte 8
Directions: —–
Comments/Notes: Private property do not tresspass we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Bill and Jody. They were very kind and allowed us access to the falls. If you happen to find this location stop in and ask permission. Please be advised that otherwise you will be removed.

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