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I am a single mother of three children, a grandmother to three children. My favorite hobby is visiting as many waterfalls as I can, while I can. My goal is to see at least 30 waterfalls in a years time. Listed here on my website are only places I have actually been to. I am in hopes that one of my children or grandchildren will continue with this long after I am gone. We started this adventure around 1990. I have just started to put together this website, and will continue adding on a regular basis.

Delphi Falls

Volunteers needed, Trail building and cleanup

Dig the Falls crew is in process of scheduling Trail building and Clean up in 2 locations. We are looking for volunteers and interest in helping out with this project. One location is in Troy New York and the other location is South of Watertown, in Oneida County. More information to follow.

Dig the Falls team member, you may contact directly for inquiries:
Dig the Falls, Edward Smathers
John Haywood,
The rest of our “Team”
Show Me Your Falls, with Julie Hughes Romano and Jacky Machell
Stash Rasin, with The Catskill Mountains and Another Adventure Photography

Parishville Dam and Falls

The resources for this location indicated access and trail to bottom, however currently all access is fenced and gated and locked. There is a small parking spot, and access is to the walk bridge as shown.

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Sugar Island Dam Falls

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Black River Community Overlook Park

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Canton Cascade and Rushton Falls

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Hart’s Falls Preserve

Impressive Potholes

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Pyrites Falls #5

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Leighs Falls

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St Regis Falls