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I am a single mother of three children, a grandmother to three children. My favorite hobby is visiting as many waterfalls as I can, while I can. My goal is to see at least 30 waterfalls in a years time. Listed here on my website are only places I have actually been to. I am in hopes that one of my children or grandchildren will continue with this long after I am gone. We started this adventure around 1990. I have just started to put together this website, and will continue adding on a regular basis.

Waterfalls of New York State 100+ Challenge, Dig the Falls part 1, The Capital Region

Waterfalls of New York State 100+ Challenge, Dig the Falls, part 1, The Capital Region

For more information on this challenge click here

To purchase “Waterfalls of New York State”, click here 

To purchase “A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park” by Scott A. Ensminger and Douglas K. Bassett, click here

The following list is the first set of locations listed in the book “Waterfalls of New York State” by Scott A. Ensminger (Western New York Waterfall Survey), David J. Schryver (Northern New York Waterfalls) and Edwards M. Smathers (Dig the Falls) Be sure to check them out! I myself have personally contributed a lot of waterfall location information to both Mr. Edward Smathers and Mr. David Schryver. I am currently a team member with “Dig the Falls”.

The simple rules of this challenge, is to visit 100 waterfall locations in the book. One location may have several waterfalls, but counts as one location. Click on the links (I have visited) in the boxes below, which will take you to additional information pages.

  Waterfall Additional waterfalls in location County Visited  

Mill Park Falls

25′ Total, (small dam, upper 6-8′ ledges, footbridge small cascade, 10′ main cascade)
Roadside views, or short walk to lower portion of the park.

Warren County


Rockwell Falls

10 ft, horseshoe cascades
Roadside views

Borders Saratoga and Warren County Yes  

Beecher Creek Falls

(Home of the historical 1879 Copeland Covered Bridge)
20 ft, Cascade, Ledges
Roadside views

Saratoga County Yes  

Beecher Creek Falls #02

Up The Road From Beecher Creek Falls.
For this location go onto Pucker Street. It is a dead end road. Go to the end, which you can see right from the four corner intersection.

Saratoga County Yes  

Snook Kill, Falls on

55-60 ft Total
Roadside views

Saratoga County Yes  

Dionondahowa Falls

Once nicknamed Devil’s Caldron, and the plunge pool Hell’s Hole, by locals
50 ft to 60 ft Ribbon Cascade
.2 mile walk on uneven ground to several lookouts and observation decks


Washington County Yes  

Buttermilk Falls, Lower
Private property, do not trespass

Rensselaer County
SIDE NOTE: this is actually Buttermilk Falls, error in book


  15 ft, cascade, drop
Roadside views
Buttermilk Falls Rensselaer County Yes  

Robert B Woodruff Outdoor Learning Center

Main Loop .64 Mile and Additional Side Trails .32 Miles

Herkimer County Yes  
  Barbara Smit Young Arboretum Waterfall Herkimer County Yes  

Cascade Falls

10 ft Block

Herkimer County Yes  

Cheesebox Factory Falls Herkimer County Yes  

Creamery Falls

50 ft, Staircase Cascade

Herkimer County Yes  
  Dave’s Look Out Falls at Herkimer County Yes  
  Kelly Falls Herkimer County Yes  
  Saw Mill Falls Herkimer County Yes  

Canajoharie Falls
Wintergreen Park

Montgomery County Yes  

Canajoharie Falls – Main Fall

45 ft, Ribbon

Montgomery County Yes  

Canajoharie Falls – Lower Falls

24 ft, 8 ft

Montgomery County Yes  

Yatesville Falls

Yatesville Falls State Forest
Also known as Buttermilk Falls and Vrooman’s Falls 
45 ft, Cascade
Short from the parking area or a 2.4 mile rt from main road

Montgomery County Yes  
10 Plotter Kill Nature Preserve
Plan on spending 2 hours or more exploring this park

Schenectady County Yes  

Plotter Kill Falls
Upper Falls 60 ft, Lower Falls 40 ft

Schenectady County Yes  

Rynex Creek Falls
40 ft

Schenectady County Yes  

Christman Sanctuary
20 ft

Albany County Yes  

Cohoes Falls

Falls View Park
65-70 ft, Curtain

Albany County Yes  

Mount Ida Falls

Also known as Wire Mill Falls and Poesten Kill High Falls
175 ft Multi-tiered Cascade

Rensselaer County Yes  

Barberville Falls

The Nature Concervancy’s Barberville Nature Preserve
92 ft Tiered Cascade

Rensselaer County Yes  
15 John Boyd Thacher Park Albany County Yes  

Outlet Falls
100 ft

Albany County Yes  

Minelot Falls
(Also known as Big Falls and Indian Ladder Falls)
116 ft, Ribbon

Albany County Yes  

Hannacroix Creek Preserve, Cascade at
(Originally called Ravena Falls and now also known as Hannacroix Ravine Falls)
30 ft Curtain Cascade

  Borders Greene and Albany Counties No  

Rensselaerville Falls
Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve
60′ to 100′ Cascade

  Albany County No  

Mine Kill Falls

Mine Kill State Park
20 ft Upper 30 ft Middle 20 ft Lower Cascades

Schoharie County Yes  


Bobbieswaterfalls 2019 Goals/Update 2-3-2019

Slacking, Slacking, Slacking!!!
It has been a pretty tough 2018, a lot of ups and downs on a personal level, which as I see now has greatly impacted my up keep and work going on #Bobbieswaterfalls website.

So to all my readers and followers, my apologies!
I have recently jumped back into continuance of the revamp and updates to my website! pages are becoming accessible again. As well as by doing so, have given myself a new goal that will help keep me on track. Stay Tuned, as the first blog of many “Series” will be posted soon. Hint: #Series

Also, on the backend, as most everyone knows #Digthefalls, is growing, improving and expanding in all areas. This is keeping us all busy. Please take some time and read up on some news posted there.

Dig the Falls, Waterfalls, Trail Cleanup, Partnerships

Head on over to our Dig the Falls website and Subscribe to keep informed of our future endeavors!

Delphi Falls

Volunteers needed, Trail building and cleanup

Dig the Falls crew is in process of scheduling Trail building and Clean up in 2 locations. We are looking for volunteers and interest in helping out with this project. One location is in Troy New York and the other location is South of Watertown, in Oneida County. More information to follow.

Dig the Falls team member, you may contact directly for inquiries:
Dig the Falls, Edward Smathers
John Haywood,
The rest of our “Team”
Show Me Your Falls, with Julie Hughes Romano and Jacky Machell
Stash Rasin, with The Catskill Mountains and Another Adventure Photography

Parishville Dam and Falls

The resources for this location indicated access and trail to bottom, however currently all access is fenced and gated and locked. There is a small parking spot, and access is to the walk bridge as shown.

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Sugar Island Dam Falls

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Black River Community Overlook Park

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Canton Cascade and Rushton Falls

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Hart’s Falls Preserve

Impressive Potholes

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